LACROIX Electronics

2 years after its French plant has been awarded the « Industry of the Future Showcase » label, the Electronics activity of LACROIX unveils its vision of the electronics industry of the future for the coming decade.

Portrait of an electronic plant of the future

Expert in electronic design and production of embedded systems and connected objects, the Electronics activity of LACROIX is changing to better support its customers in their innovative projects. Projected in the management of an electronic product from the customer’s point of view, we concretely present the solutions we plan to simplify both our customers and employees lives :

  • An interface allowing manufacturing monitoring in real-time by the customer,
  • Design assisted by virtual reality,
  • Real Time Monitoring,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Augmented reality,
  • Collaborative robots,
  •  …

The change of subcontractors in electronics, a real expectation of industrialists

In an increasingly connected world where B2C universe is a benchmark, the electronics industry must move to meet the expectations of its customers in the short and long term. By working on a more and more intelligent, digitized and automated plant, we develop innovations to strive towards the requirements of major industrial, automobile, aerospace, industrial and home automation customers or the medical.

Most projects respond to a logic of complex and diversified products where quality, deadlines and competitiveness remain the pillars of customers expectations but are not enough to convince. The speed, reliability and flexibility of factories are also crucial in the decision-making circle of the contractor.

Not only a vision but also a project and concrete actions

Labeled by the Future Industry Alliance as a showcase in France, the Electronics activity of LACROIX acts at the heart of a dynamic and innovative ecosystem to rethink the electronic industry of tomorrow. Through our actions in the We Network cluster, we contributed to the roadmap drafting  for the electronic production sector “Towards the electronic industry of the future”.

Our Smart Industry project is above all a long-term transformation plan with concrete, completed, ongoing or planned projects in the coming months or years. The company is already investing in several projects such as :

  • Artificial intelligence to service real-time pricing and customer request simulation,
  • Implementation of an IoT platform to optimize the performance of the production tool in real time,
  • Augmented reality to assist the operator in his/her control and assembly missions,
  • Integration of Cobots for low added value tasks automation.

“One of the major challenges of this program is the opening of our organization to our ecosystem. Suppliers, customers or partners will need to be able to access their data in real time, so that the entire value chain gains flexibility speed, reliability and competitiveness.

A prerequisite to support the innovations of our customers. Collaborative work in agile mode between our experts and our partners is already present but will be facilitated in the future via the symbiosis of digital tools. Borders will be increasingly thin among all members of the ecosystem.”

Stéphane Klajzyngier
Executive Managing Director, Electronics activity of LACROIX