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Interviews on the factory floor, where feedback, professional development and key skills are the common denominators.

As both a workplace and a living environment, the factory is a social meeting place: friendships are formed here, couples get together, and there are lots of family connections. At our French production site, we met two mother-daughter duos, Sophie & Sandrine, and Évelyne & Lucie. Their duties and experience may differ, but they all share the same wish to work together.



  • Since you started at the Electronics activity of LACROIX, what major changes have you seen?

    Cussonneau :

    It’s incredible how the company has developed since I arrived. I can still remember the little family organisation, where there were barely a hundred of us. Today the company has an international reach, with a design office and production sites in France, Germany, Poland and Tunisia, and there are thousands of us! Modernisation of the production tools has really facilitated our work, in terms of both production and comfort.

    Brebion :

    Our activities have diversified, as well as our roles. When I started out, twelve years ago, we mainly assembled electronic boards. Now we produce full sets developed by our design office. We face a lot of challenges and no two weeks are the same, which is really motivating!

  • What has been your experience of career progression and development?

    Marc :

    I joined the company at the age of 19, and worked in various production sectors. This gave me a global vision of the company. Once I had several years of experience, my managers offered me the chance to become Team Leader. I then took an internal training course, and I’m now in charge of about thirty people.

    Leau :

    My path is quite similar to Lucie’s. As a brazing operator, I took internal training to move up the skills ladder until I obtained my H3-level qualification. Thanks to this qualification, I was able to get a job in the prototyping department, where every week brings a new challenge!

  • Could you sum up in a few words the skills required to work at the Electronics activity of LACROIX?

    Brebion :

    To me, dexterity, organisation and meticulousness are the key skills for working in electronic subcontracting.

    Marc :

    Communication and responsiveness. That’s because I work on sensitive products for the civil aviation and defence sector. In this context, procedures related to sharing information with my colleagues are essential for creating products which must of course be 100% functional.

The plan to set up a new factory, “Symbiose”, designed to be more modern and connected, will bring a number of changes to the daily routines of these employees. All four can’t wait to discover this new factory!

Interviewees :

  • Évelyne, Store operator
  • Sandrine, Brazing operator
  • Sophie, CMS operator
  • Lucie, Team Leader




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