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Do you want to improve your operational performance or create a new service for your customers using a connected object? Have you have studied the market and defined your expectations, but still don’t know how to turn the idea into an actual product?

To launch your Industrial IoT project, ask yourself the right questions to define your requirement, and then trust the experts in the design and manufacture of electronics products.

With a design center and 4 complementary electronics production plants, the Electronics activity of LACROIX makes your Industrial IoT project possible: thanks to its smart generic sensors, its ability to customise them, and its skills in developing tailor-made products right up to their series production.

If, as an industrial company, you are interested in remote monitoring of equipment, infrastructure, machine tools, manufacturing quality control, asset monitoring and follow-up, natural resource management, quality and comfort in buildings or factories, and the safety of employees on-site, then…

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#1 Define your project

To make your idea a reality, start with defining your connected object by answering these fundamental questions:

  • Which data do you want to measure to create your new service or improve your operational performance?
  • Where will your connected objects be installed: in one or more buildings, throughout an open network, in different geographical areas: local, national, international, etc.?
  • To which conditions will the objects be exposed? Will they be installed indoors, outdoors, subject to heat, cold, humidity, etc.?
  • How many products do you want to deploy in the short, medium and long terms?


#2 List your technical requirements

An industrial connected object has 6 major parts to take into account when constructing its electronics, mechanics and software. We have identified the 13 key questions you need to ask yourself when putting together the specifications for your Industrial IoT.

Contact our experts, who will help you answer these questions by explaining your options in simple terms.

Sensor & intelligence level

  • Which data do you need to measure?
  • Do you want an object that sends all data to the cloud, or first with an “on-edge” analysis?

Energy management

  • How often should the measure and the data be recorded? And sent?
  • What is the expected lifetime of the object’s built-in batteries?

Communication protocol

  • What type and volume of data will be transmitted?
  • Will you prefer to use an IoT telecom operator network or your own private infrastructure?
  • Will the object be fixed or mobile?

Mechnanical and plasting casing

  • Do you have requirements regarding the shape, size and robustness of the product?
  • Do you have any preferences for the product attachment system?

Installation & Deployment

  • Who will be responsible for installing the object?
  • In what environment will the object be installed?


  • How critical is the data transferred into your business application?
  • Will access to the object be secure?


#3 Finding the right partner

After having drawn up your specifications with the help of our experts, you must now choose the industrial partner who will be able to support you from the first tests right through to the mass production of your object.

LACROIX supports you in the 3 launch phases of your IoT project:

Phase 1: Try your idea out as soon as possible

Fine-tune your use case with generic multi-function sensors developed for industrial needs.

Phase 2: Select your IoT and adapt it to your needs

With a customised or custom-developed sensor, our engineers will help you meet your requirements in terms of robustness, safety and ease of use.

Phase 3: Manufacture your connected object

Thanks to the size and international presence of our 4 complementary production plants, we can manufacture your Industrial IoT in small or very large series, and in an optimised manner.

Connect your industrial equipment with the Electronics activity of LACROIX and its partners!


#4 Trust the experts

Whether experts in electronics, mechanics or software, engineers in the LACROIX design center help you to make the technical choices best suited to your industrial needs.

Discover the Electronics activity of LACROIX skills:

Sensor & intelligence level

  • From generic sensors to highly specific ones, we adapt to your needs.
  • Edge AI: expertise in embedded artificial intelligence for real-time monitoring of machines and infrastructures

Energy management

  • Abundant experience in power management and optimisation of energy consumption
  • Expertise in multiple configurations: from button batteries to high-capacity batteries

Communication protocol

  • Experts in short and long-range connectivity and fully familiar with the main protocols: NFC, Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB IoT, LTE M, 2G, 4G, etc.
  • Ability to anticipate technological developments and breakthroughs

Mechnanical and plasting casing

  • Expertise in resistance, sealing, attachment, ergonomics and industrial aesthetics criteria
  • Optimisation of product manufacturability for large series from the design stage onwards

Installation & Deployment

  • Analysis of customer business processes to facilitate product deployment, from transport to installation and configuration


  • Proven know-how in secure IoT design
  • Different levels of security to adapt to the use case desired


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