Tests & Controls

LACROIX Electronics designs, develops and validates test methods for its clients using market hardware and software standards and also specific standards. It is able to offer the most suitable solutions for the requirement by intervening from the phase upstream of the design up to production under client specifications.

The LACROIX Electronics control methods:

Visual inspection

  • In accordance with IPC-A610- Class 2 or 3.
  • Internal training school.

2D and 3D Screen printing inspection

Quality control of the deposit of brazing cream on line, on all the boards, with volumetric measurement on 100% of the contacts for critical products, etc.

AOI: Automatic optical inspection

Used mainly for process control and is part of the test strategy in addition to electrical tests.

ICT: In circuit testing

Used in ICT (access by studs) or FPT (access by flying sensors) technology.
Electrical test covering process defects and ensuring the consistency of assembled references in relation to the BOM (values, TOL).
ICT, MDA or FPT versions on standard commercial machines.
The ICT test, more complete than the FPT (Flying Probe Test) or the MDA (Manufacturing Defects Analyser), is generally combined with the powered-up test, either library or cluster (asset, digital, semi-functional digital or analogue tests, JTAG test).

BST: Boundary scan testing

Boundary Scan Test (known as JTAG)
Applied as an addition to or replacement for the in situ test when the density or type of the product does not allow test benches to be put in place, and is also used to perform software download operations.
This technique is used alone or incorporated during ICT or FCT phases.

FCT: Functional testing

Tests dedicated to the product, which should cover the operation of functional blocks by measurement of characteristics or scenarios, performed at ambient temperature or vibration (Screening) by putting in place specific instrumentation depending on the technologies to be tested (RF Power, etc.), and the particular management protocols (communications, test application embedded in the product).

Wiring tests

Test dedicated to the products being mainly made up of connectors or wired connections (back panel, rack, box, bundles) and is performed by a specialised automatic tester ensuring the conformity of the wiring, insulation and continuity.

Safety and conformity tests

Dedicated resources performing the tests required by the standards concerned by the low voltage directive or relating to the product specification: Dielectric rigidity, insulation, continuity of earths, measurement of leakage current.

Other specific tests

Temperature, vibration, impermeability tests are used depending on the expressed specific feature, etc.