Sustainable Development

Développement Durable


The continued existence of our factories and environmental conservation are major challenges for LACROIX Electronics.

The commitment of LACROIX Electronics becomes a reality through the following actions:


  • Respecting human rights
  • Respecting basic rights at work
  • Requiring our suppliers to respect these rights

Environmental conservation

  • ISO 14001 certification for all our industrial sites
  • Applying European and international regulations (RoHS, REACH, etc.)
  • Organising a permanent technology watch on the research into more environmentally friendly products
  • Reducing any type of waste as much as possible to reduce our consumption of raw materials (water, electricity, nitrogen, consumables, etc.)
  • Being proactive towards our clients for the use of non-polluting products in the assembly process for circuit boards
  • Requiring our suppliers to adhere to regulations and to their duty of alert where deliveries of hazardous or pollutant products are concerned

Risk management

Analysing and monitoring supplier and client financial risks
Drawing up continuity of activity plans for industrial risks
Identifying risks for staff, making personnel aware of and train them in this subject

LACROIX Electronics is a partner with Datec Technologies in this approach.  This enables us to contribute to the fight against global warming by planting trees to compensate for the CO2 emissions linked to the processing of our waste.