Product certification & Tests

If you are a professional in the aeronautical, military, industrial or automotive sectors, you can rely on LACROIX Electronics comprehensive certification and testing process
Whatever the level of quality required, our engineers support you in achieving your performance objectives and guaranteeing the certification of your products.

Our commitment: take the right action at the right time to guarantee product certification

Our engineers, specialising in the regulations and applicable procedures, are present at all times throughout the product development process. Using this method, LACROIX Electronics guarantees the best possible product design and optimised costs and deadlines for development.
Our engineers perform the following tasks:

Quality tools to achieve certification

The LACROIX Electronics engineers design the test and certification processes adapted to your requirements and manage their implementation.
Through our internal resources
  • Anechoic chamber of 420 m3 
  • Immunity test benches 
  • Faraday cages
  • Radio equipment 
  • Radio
  • EMC
  • Restricted environment
  • Reliability (MTBF) 
  • CE marking
Through our network of partners
  • We meet all of your requirements, whatever the regulatory environment in your market
  • Our engineers contact the service providers
  • We guarantee the successful completion of the tests through to the certification of your products