Embedded Systems

Developing your embedded systems is our business

You are a:
  • Manufacturer of industrial systems
  • Company involved in the development of home and building automation
  • Player in medical innovation
  • Car equipment manufacturer
  • Aeronautical sub-contractor…
LACROIX Electronics uses all its expertise in embedded systems to design reliable electronic products which comply with all your consumption, real-time and integration constraints.  

The know-how of LACROIX engineers

Because our engineers have specific skills in the embedded systems domain, you can rest assured that your development will be based on proven technologies and methods throughout the entire process, with the service running from the design all the way through to the manufacturing. 

Development of energy-efficient solutions 

Use of the latest energy storage technologies

Expertise in "Energy Harvesting"

Expertise in interaction and response times between connected products

Use of "System On Chip" and "ARM Core" microcontrollers.

Use of OS and real-time OS


Use of 3G and 4G cellular technology, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, compatible with IEEE and ZigBee

Expertise in LoRa and Sigfox technologies

Use of modules using ISM bands 

Optimisation of the shape factor, the dimension and the weight of the product

Adaptation to thermal requirements

Multi-disciplinary approach to guarantee the integration of mechanics and electronic functions 

*Drawing by Ilsur Aptukov from the Noun Project / **Power by Anisha Varghese from the Noun Project