Digital Electronics: Processors & FPGA

Since the digitalisation of data is at the heart of your developments, our engineers are experts in digital electronic technologies: the acquisition, conditioning and processing of digital data and the implementation of the most commonly used and highest quality digital interfaces
Reliability is your priority and our commitment.

Need an expert in the development of processors?

Upgradeable, flexible and modular, these are the undisputed advantages of processors.  Our engineers produce customised developments for the most commonly used  micro-processors, like ARM and PIC, and their operating systems.
The experience of our design centre means you can benefit from development platforms adapted to the technical constraints of your product. For you, this is the guarantee of a development which meets your objectives in terms of quality, cost and production deadlines. 

Need an FPGA expert for your critical embedded requirements?

Real-time control of a jet engine, helicopter flight control or the processing of a broadband video stream: these are all examples of applications in the aeronautical and industrial sector which require in-depth know-how
Our engineers are experts in the design of deterministic logic components in real time, FPGA components which perform repetitive functions under critical functional or time-based constraints. 
To ensure the development of your equipment meets the highest standards in terms of criticality and reliability, our design centre has FPGA experts able to support your projects in DO-254 DAL A.