Design for Manufacturing

Synergy between Design & Production  

Our engineers offer you a development which is fully integrated within the manufacturing process. The LACROIX Electronics "W" method is based on the synchronisation of the design process with the production process. With 4 production sites based in Poland, Germany, Tunisia and France, we can offer solutions to meet the requirements of various activity sectors.
Having a product that meets your requirements means you can develop through adaptation to manufacturing constraints

At the forefront of your project success mind 

Vincent, a pre-sales project manager, tells us about his experience at LACROIX Electronics.

     "I'm constantly in contact with new customers. I think what they appreciate is our ability to adapt and to make proposals on a technical level, while still taking into account their objectives in terms of budget, deadline and so on. By ensuring we fully understand the project, we endeavour to offer the best possible organisation in relation to the requirements. 
Starting from the specifications stage, the experience of my colleagues in software, hardware or mechatronics helps us to detect the risks and propose the best technical solutions… We are also backed up by an extensive network of partners if required. 
Our offer is also characterised by the option of medium- or large-scale production in our 4 plants. I feel that this is one of the strengths of our offer, the product is developed with the knowledge of the production constraints."