About us



As a specialist in EMS and EDMS our ambition is to become your partner in electronics sub-contracting.

Our task:

Every day our teams work to propose an optimised sub-contracting offer to achieve the best Time to Market, and the best quality at the best price.

Our assets:

LACROIX Electronics is the only company positioned in Europe for offers incorporating:
  • Time-To-Market, we offer you a CDM "Contract Design for Manufacturing " package which will make it possible to reduce marketing timescales for the product.
  • Time-To-Volume, with our production sites in Eastern Europe and North Africa we are able to offer you a low-cost package.

Our clients:

LACROIX Electronics is an important European player in the following business sectors:

Many major players in these markets place their trust in us, enabling us to maintain permanent growth of 10 to 15% in our turnover.

Why outsource?

More and more companies rely on equipment manufacturers like LACROIX Electronics to design, industrialise and assemble their own products.
The main reasons for doing this are just as much the ever greater pressures to which they are subject on prices, quality, safety and marketing times as the growing requirement for integrated technological content in their products.
This decision is also a management choice which favours cost optimisation of the "supply chain" and fixed assets, making sure there is sufficient profitability on the capital invested.
So our clients concentrate all their efforts on the operations considered to be strategic for their business, particularly R&D, marketing and commercialisation.