Wireless technology & radio communication

Are you looking for a partner capable of developing your wireless smart object? The engineers of LACROIX Electronics will support you in ensuring the success of your project.

From Radio Frequency to Protocols: reliable solutions.

Wireless communication requires expertise in the engineering of radio frequencies and the associated protocols. Our engineers are experts in the development of radio frequency modules in the 125 kHz to 2.4 GHz bands.

Experts in a wide range of protocolsLes protocoles de Radiofréquence maîtrisés par LACROIX Electronics

In addition to their RF expertise, the engineers of LACROIX Electronics also master the communication protocols used in the industrial and home automation domains. Having already developed the majority of the protocols for our customers, our engineers will know how to implement the protocols suited to your application.
To expand our knowledge and remain at the cutting edge of technology, our engineers rely on a preferred partners network. You can therefore rest assured that you will obtain the wireless communication solutions best suited to your requirements.

Testing to guarantee quality

As experts, the testing of the products we develop is a crucial stage. We have our own anechoic chamber in order to provide CE marking certification for all of your developments. Our engineers also use this tool to test the performances of radio links up to 4 GHz.
For specific certifications, we are supported by our network of partners to accompany you in obtaining EMC approval for your products.