Electronica 2016 - Online Interviews

The Management Team of LACROIX Electronics answered questions of Philip Stoten from Scoop TV at Electronica trade fair.

Stéphane Klajzyngier, Managing Director at LACROIX Electronics talks to Philip Stoten about how the contract manufacturing environment is evolving and what decisions a company such as Lacroix Electronics is faced with in order to build its competitive advantage.
Stéphane Gendrot, LACROIX Electronics' Vice President of Business Development talks to Scoop's Philip Stoten about their latest developments in the area of IoT both from a product and a manufacturing prospective.
As IoM becomes mainstream and moves from talk to action Scoop's Philip Stoten brings together a panel of experts from EMS and software. Pierre Ball, Lacroix Electronics' General Manager in Germany, Bjorn Dahle, KIC's CEO and Kevin Decker-Weiss, Router Solutions' Managing Director explore what's needed and what's available.