DfX : Design for X

  • Did you know : A minimum of 70% of the price of a product is set during the design phase.

We propose the experience input of our engineers to achieve your "Time to Market" and "Total Cost of Ownership" objectives as a result of:
  • Capitalisation on the multi-product experience of LACROIX Electronics and the expertise of our DfX team as early as possible in the project life cycle.
  • Optimisation of technical solutions (standardisation, quality, repairability, etc.) and supply chain choices.

To better understand DfX

It is all the methodologies and tools used by our team of experts to carry out the advanced industrialisation of an electronic assembly or sub-assembly as early as possible in the project life cycle.

As a minimum these services include the study of entry data, the issue and presentation of DfX reports containing our detailed recommendations. Depending on client requirements, LACROIX Electronics offers you a tailor-made support service.

    DfX tools:

    For many years LACROIX Electronics has been developing this service focussing on 3 areas:

    • DfM (Design for Manufacturing): Optimising the product/process pair. Main tools: Internal guidelines, expert assembly, GC preview, etc.
    • DfT (Design for Testability): Defining the most suitable test strategy for the quality objective. Main tools: Test Expert, Testway, complete strategies (InSitu, Functional, BoundaryScan, etc.)
    • DfP (Design for Procurement): As early as possible in the life cycle selecting the most suitable components and suppliers to secure supplies and optimise global material costs, quality, continued existence and delivery times. Main devices: Purchasing power, supplier panel, access to an international component database, value analysis, obsolescence.